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Discussion in 'Advocacy and Cycling Safety' started by wafflycat, 17 Sep 2007.

  1. wafflycat

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    middle of Norfolk

    "Spending more on promoting cycling in England could reduce the number of car journeys by more than 50 million a year, a report has suggested.

    Cycling England, the body behind the report, is calling on the government to invest £70m into proven schemes to get more people on their bicycles.
    It hopes to reverse the generational decline in the number of children riding to school. Cycling England has already relaunched proficiency courses for children."
  2. domtyler

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    What they will try to do is approach it from an economic perspective. I cannot even begin to ponder all the variables that would need to be inputted into their equation. For instance, take obesity, is this good or bad for the overall economy of the UK?
  3. spen666

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    Good point

    This is open to people spinning it to their own end by the variables they use and the weight they place on those variables - eg obesity can be said to be good in that it increases food sales which means more jobs in food industry. transport etc.
    Lifespan will be shorter so less demands on NHS/pensions in long term etc
  4. domtyler

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    Would you not say that increasing pressure on the NHS is generally a good thing though? More work for NHS staff, more business going to the drug companies , more business for all the small sub-contractors etc. etc.

    Then there is the opportunity to increase political capital for the politicians through the constant fire fighting.
  5. Pete

    Pete Guest

    See also another thread and discussion, closely related topic, here.

    Lifespan considerations? Humph. As one who will in a very few years have to rein in his meagre pension resources (meagre thanks to the depradations of Equitable and such ;)) and purchase an annuity sufficient to keep oneself and spouse in bare essentials for one's remaining lifespan .... how on earth do I maximise my returns in this quarter? Any actuaries on this forum able to drop a few hints? My gut feeling would be that admitting to being a cyclist would work against me... Should I pretend to be a 40-a-day smoker (and cough discreetly but hackingly at suitable moments)?
  6. jonesy

    jonesy Legendary Member

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