Modern brake blocks with Weinmann callipers

Gerry Attrick

Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue Consultant
As I am fed up with the non-performance of the type of blocks generally sold to replace Weinmann blocks on vintage bikes, does anyone have any experience of fitting modern blocks in these brakes? I am thinking of something like the Kool Stop Supra 2's. They look to be around the same thickness as the Weinmann type.

All suggestions greatfully received.


Swinging Member
West London
I have a set of these still in the original bag. If you want the dimensions let me know.

ps I assume you are talking about Weinmann centre pulls.


Yeah I run Ultegra pads / shoes on a set of Winemann sidepulls, seems to work, but I need to replace the pads now (and the caliper, seems to have seized).
The one issue you may be confronted with is flex, the actual arms tend to bend forward on the old calipers when braking at speed, either creating a squeal and a judder or just stopping you a bit slower...
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