Morocco- Western Sahara - Mauritania


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Does any one knows anything about cycling along the coast line of west Africa?
How easy is to get water and supplies? How far are the civilizations?

Does anyone knows if this route can be cycled in june? No idea about the temperature!

I've a mate who did something like that recently I think, will try to ask him


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Have a look on There are a few good journals by people who have done that route. I think they all did it around January time. June will most likely be too hot. From what I've read it is about as tough as any cycle ride you can do. Stong headwinds, sand storms, 100 miles between villages, extreme heat (even in January) and I think there's even a mine field at one of the borders!

I wouldn't mind having a go one day though. But as Bear Grylls would say: I would have to 'take a brave pill' before I left! :biggrin:


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Hi jellybabies.

I leave for Cape Town in August (departing my home) & have researched this particular section quite closely.

Some of the towns are up to 100km apart so make allowance for 10 litre's of water, there are 'unmarked' watering points such as manned phone mast's & police check-points but don't rely on these.
I use these bottles as extras as they fold flat & take no space in panniers, then will tie them onto my front rack when required

Visas into Mauritania are no longer issued at the border but only at the embassy in Rabat, Morocco, so you'll need to make allowance for this. Once issued you only get a few days 'grace' either side of the date to enter, this can mean a tight schedule, considering Mauritania is ~1000 miles from the Rabat. I'm planning to leave my bike at Dakhla in Western Sahara & bus / train back to Rabat & then back to the bike, this way I can explore the Atlas mountains without any concerns of time, a factor of which I've said this tour is not to include.



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Have a read of this .... gives some idea of the difficulty of getting spares as you get round the coast.

Incidentally I have been in touch with that chap; Christoph Herby, about getting surplus kit out to his team, as I have a personal interest; used to live in Cotonou as a kid.


Sorry to be a damp squid but Isnt there trouble in the Mauritania area to be honest..Best check..The famous Charlie Boorman Paris Dakar rally was transfered from there cos of attacks in Maurtania .4 killed by terroists cn 2008.Check out the recent history of this.

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You might try checking out Peter Gostelow’s site
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