Motorbike lube?


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I use Würth Dry Chain Lube on my motorbike and Finish Line wax lube on my bikes.

Wuerth is considerably cheaper than Finish Line and seems to have pretty much the same consistency!

I am considering stopping using Finish Line and just get Würth for all my two-wheeled machines.

Why? Well, I figure that since Würth is desgined to go on a chain that must withstand over 100Nm of torque and be capable of spinning a hoofing great back wheel at speeds in excess of 100mph (on a private road, of course!), I figure it's more than adequate for a little bicycle chain.

Can anyone who knows their stuff about lube give me their two cents worth on this one?

I'm asking now because I've just run out of Finish Line, but I have plenty of Würth!


I use Finish Line krytech wax lube on my good weather bike and it's excellent. The drivetrain stays really clean. I'd be interested how you get on if you decide to experiment :evil:


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i used a some Würth Dry Chain wax Lube om my old mountain bike and then on my new mountain bike when i got it . it seemed to do the trick with no ill effects and even after a year on the new bike i decided to take the old bike out for a spin expecting everything to be a bit solid on it but to my surprize the chain etc was as supple and lubed as i had left it at the ack of the garage a year b4 .
and as u say its a lot cheaper (especially when u get a free sample can at the bike show :tongue: )
sadly the can has ran out and as my bike is a shafty ( well was till ah sold it in october :smile: ) a dragstar 1100 and i darent go back into a motorbike shop to get a new can in case any of those big shinny bikes want to come home with me
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