Mrs Salad is turning into a cyclist

Kent Coast
*I used to do a bit of bike riding, although not for about 10 years, but Mrs Salad really hadnt ridden much for a good few years more. When I bought a new bike last Autumn, she was kind of interested, so we bought her a new bike too. We have progressed over the last few months from a couple of miles maximum to now doing about 12 or 15 miles (with plenty of stops to get the breath back), but Mrs S has resolutely stuck to the granny ring for all her riding, in all conditions. Until this weekend that is. All of a sudden she has found the second ring on her bike, and now I am having a job to keep up with her!

Any tips for how to slow her down, as it's embarrasing to have to keep calling, plaintively, "wait for me!"
Never mind slowing her down

Stop dodging the salads and catch her up ;)



Cycling is fun ...
Well done Mrs SD! Keep going and make your man run cycle after you :biggrin: hehe ...

SD - you may have to suggest the odd cake stop :biggrin: or take a camera with you, and do lots of obligatory photo stops :biggrin: (or alternatively get a move on and try to keep up ;))


Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
This is a good thing SD, a very good thing. I'm trying slowly to get Mrs FF back in the saddle, we used to bike a lot, even a couple French tours by bike, pre-kids.
I think slowly she is coming round to the idea, but very slowly.

You'll just have to speed up!
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