muscle rubs, anyone use them?

as i am still geting cycle fit ,the old legs sure do ache a bit,mostly after a rest at home,geting out the chair can be arduous! ive seen creams and lotions available from online bike shops has anyone here used them?
No, I use the ones from the pound shop.

Just the same, but without the price tag!

But not very often, more for after a run than a bike ride


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maybe try aromatherapy oils, if blended right they can treat most muscle and skin problems, improve healing and reduce aches, most aromatherapists (make sure there qualified) are more then happy to whip you up a good blend of oil that will last a good while and is pretty cheap, and natural.

I do it for my patients but would be happy to offer you advice if you cant find one locally to help and you want to try it.
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