New Deal for British Transport

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It is good stuff. 1 and 2 might happen anyway. There's not a chance of 3 happening under this government, 4 won't happen under any government, 5 is actually happening slowly but people don't realise it on the speed limit reductions, I like 9 but people tend to say we're doing well on that when we aren't. Education facilities slowly happening on 9, health services barely at all, employment facilities are slowly getting them in new builds and recreation facilities for 9 is appalling.


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dellzeqq said:
8 is perverse - it's a disincentive to develop close to railway and tube stations

Doesn't that depend how you set the taxes? E.g. lower taxes near public transport, higher taxes in areas with a high density of car parks?


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I see what you mean - my understanding was that people would be taxed on the 'profit' they made when their flat or house price rose as a result of new public transport coming to the neighbourhood.
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