New guy from Central Scotland

Hello folks,
Having spent too much time browsing these chats as a guest I've decided to register and come out of the closet.
I'd been mainly a mountain biker in recent years and bought a road bike - an Allez Expert - to help me get into triathlons a couple of years ago. Wow. Talk about rediscovered youth. That thing's like a Porsche compared to your typical mountain tractor. So then I built myself a single speed from an old Raleigh racing frame to potter about on through the dark months (That's the one's with an 'r' in them, here in Scotland) Should have been a sleigh really since it snowed from November through to the beginning of May. Ah well.
Great fun in the mainly flat as a pancake Forth Valley but then I took it on a weekend trip to the Outer Hebrides (it was the only one I could fit panniers on). Yes I did actually heave it up and down the coast road grunting like I was giving birth and just about wrenching the handlebars out of the frame. Single speed touring. Been there, done that, don't want to do it again, so now the single speed has been sold.
Just bought a Dawes Horizon - the older steel frame with Shimano C201 groupset - as a run around and to do some more touring. Apart from a rough front hub bearing it's a wee gem. Loverly blue colour with a 'hardaznailz' finish.
So that's my bike history up to date and I hope I can now contribute my tuppence worth every so often.
I'm just fitting Campy Ergo Veloce shifters to the Horizon so that's the current project.



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Hi and welcome


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Hello and Welcome to the CC forums from another Forth Valley man. :laugh:

"Flat as a pancake" I take it you don't live near the braes(Shieldhill/Avonbridge/California) then. ;)


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Hi welcome . Thanx for ur bike history . Like to do a bit of touring soon and planning a heb island tour hopefully in august so be interested in any info from ur trip . But I'll be using a triple ;)


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Another hello from central Scotland :biggrin:.

In case you feel like coming out for a ride with CC Ecosse at some point, keep an eye out for threads in the "CC rides" section of the forum :smile:. Our motto is "nobody gets left behind" :thumbsup:.

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