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Riding for 4 years, before that running for 25 - ran for GB at the Marathon (PB 2:12) - wished I'd discovered bikes before. Never hit the wall running - longest run 35 miles but been well & truly battered after 4 hours on a bike - couldn't turn the cranks. Got a Specialized E5 columbus with Campy mixed (Chorus/Veloce) (39/53 & 13/26) and a Claud Butler on my Turbo (Minoura VSG). Best ever gadget - Garmin Edge 305. I collect .crs files especially around hills in north and mid Wales. Favourite rides around Lake Vyrnwy - looking at getting a compact.

Work for Eddie Stobart at Middlewich and do a 30 miler up Mow Cop after work. Never compted on a bike but done chain gang 25 with Warrington RC which is comfortable but get battered on the sprint.

Hate the wind - especailly in April. Never got injured running (apart from short term achilles & calf issues) but broke my collar bone twice in 4 years on the bike.

Wife HATES cycling. That's why I haven't got a lovely red/white carbon Colnago.


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