England : Greater Manchester New Years Day 2020 Manchester ride. 35miles 10am start

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Here we are again folks! It’s that time of year and thoughts are turning towards the next instalment of my New Year’s Day ride treats.

Previous rides have been well accepted and the last one in 2019 was something of a high point - www.cyclechat.net/threads/1st-jan-kick-off-the-new-year-manchester-to-alderley-edge-and-back.242380

I just hope this year’s ride is as successful…. :hello:

Preliminary route for the 2020 ride here - https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31315400
I test rode this circuit last week and it works pretty well but may be subject to minor changes if anyone has suggestions.

Starting once again outside the iconic Manchester Town Hall in Albert Square at 10am, this time we head West and the theme for the ride is ‘Bridges’. We cross and re-cross the Irwell/ship canal several times as we leave the urban sprawl of the city, even passing under the Bridgewater canal just as it passes over the ship canal via a swing bridge, which we then also do. Finally crossing to the south of the ship canal via Warburton Bridge we then ride another 4 miles before crossing yet another bridge at the back of Dunham Massey National Trust site where we will be stopping to take a break and have something to eat & drink. I have checked with Dunham Massey and they assure me they are open on NYD from 10am. We should easily be there by midday.
Once suitably refreshed and with only 19+ miles of light exertion so far, there is just 13-14 miles to cover as we return to Manchester from the South, crossing the Mersey via Simon’s bridge and finally the well-hidden Medlock as we approach the end of the ride. Something I spotted on the map but have never noticed before is a statue of Frank Sidebottom at Timperley.

As we are passing anyway it would be rude not to stop for a quick photo opportunity. :okay:


An easy way to start the year and meet cycling friends old and new, with an opportunity to have a chat over some grub at the Dunham café or restaurant (The Stables). Pace will be leisurely, around 10-12 mph ave at most and nobody gets left behind.

Expressions of interest in this thread please and I will add a rider list as the numbers start to grow.

To kick things off here's a few I can think of, off the top of my head. Please don't feel offended if I haven't included you, you are still welcome......

@alibaba @Katherine @potsy @nickyboy @dan_bo @fossyant @Bazzer @Kestevan @Freds Dad @DCLane @skudupnorth @GuyBoden @Pumpkin the robot @SteCenturion


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Ahhh Frank Sidebottom from my old stomping ground in Timperley. Took the kids there a few weeks ago on a memory lane walk and they were a tad bemused by him !


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Subject to domestics, in particular grandparent duties, yes please.
Although I may leave the group on the return leg from Dunham as it is only a handful of miles from home and I can create a much more pleasant extended route home from Dunham, rather than returning home from Albert Square and the A57 with New Year's Day shoppers.

Freds Dad

I start a new job in November so will have to find out if I am on call. If I'm not then count me in although how I'll get to Manchester for the start is another challenge.
I like Skol

I like Skol

Hold my beer and watch this....
you will pass near the end of my road in timperley, is it rude to join from there?
Of course you are welcome to join the ride there, but I suggest it might be easier in terms of timing our meeting if you rode out to Dunham and join there. This will also allow you to ride some of the more pleasant parts instead of just the mostly urban final 10 miles as we return to the centre of Manchester. Meeting at Dunham will also allow you to partake in the coffee and cake.... :whistle:
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