Newbie on road bike (Grays/Thurrock/Essex)


Hello! I'm new to CC, signed-up just today :smile: I'm from Grays in Essex, well.. in fact I'm from Cracow in Poland but live in Grays ;) I ride Carrera TDF, started few days ago and this is my first serious ;) cycling season since.. ten years. My top achievement in this season (so far): 45 kilometres (approx. 28 miles) without stopping. My top plan for this season: one-day trip to Little Walsingham in Norfolk (almost 200 km). My top plan for next season: trip to Poland (over 1500 km). I know - I'm crazy ;)


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Hi PF.
I know Grays well. I get lost regularly on the Grays one way system. One time I ended up going round and round the system for 4 days trying to find a way out.

Welcome to CycleChat :welcome:
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