Nice morning for a ride.


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I managed a nice 9 mile ride this morning (set off at 9.30am) with a mate of mine who's just getting back into cycling also. He was riding a full suspension MTB and halfway through the ride he said he is now considering getting a hybrid bike like mine. :laugh:

Passed a serious looking rider in full lycra gear with what looked like club colours and even though he was going up a steep incline he still managed a smile and "hello". Heh, if that was me I'd have just rasped out loud.

Managed to tackle a few tough hills but after about 7 miles even slight inclines were making my legs burn. Polished off 1.5 litres of water too which may seem high for just an hour's ride but boy, I needed it. :wacko:

I recently got myself a CatEye Micro comp and found it very useful in helping me to pace myself.

Ride safe.

ian turner

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The howling round the eaves and weather forecast of 20mph+ with 40mph gusts put me off.


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ian turner said:
The howling round the eaves and weather forecast of 20mph+ with 40mph gusts put me off.
Like riding with the brakes on this morning in them strong headwinds, few nasty side winds to contend with too (gusts from between buildings), but a good 3/4 of a mile tail wind, now that's a pitty since it was 17.1/4 miles of hard slog the rest of the time.

Was a good work out though, can still feel the muscle burn now :biggrin:

NOTE : Don't stop for a quick emergency pee in the swirling wind, while wearing grey cycle bottoms ... they highlight what you've been upto :smile: :rofl:

I passed on stopping for me coffee break and headed straight home :sad:


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I had a longer ride planned but the wind got the better of me after three miles and I turned back. It was nice having the wind behind me for the ride home. :rofl:


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Wind and rain here put me off this morning. Looking outside it seems to be calming down a bit so I might go out for a spin in a bit (aren't long summer days nice :rofl:)


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Was a fine sunny day down here in Kent, but the wind had picked up enough to make it hard work once I got out into some open countryside on an 18 mile spin this morning (well, the wine and beer plus getting to bed a 3 a.m. probably didn't help either). A headwind makes so much difference and, whilst I was questioning my sense as most others I passed were going in the opposite direction with the wind at their backs, was a great morning to be out and loads of others had the same idea - from those out in full team kits inspired by the TdF to families just out to get some fresh air, but all exchanging friendly greetings. Went through both my water bottles in the heat, although suspect last night's excesses had a lot to do with that!
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