Nick Knowles does the decent thing?



"DIY SOS host Nick Knowles has been banned from driving for six months and fined nearly £1,500 for speeding and using a mobile phone at the wheel.
Knowles, 56, previously admitted the two driving offences and was sentenced at Cheltenham Magistrates' Court.
He was caught driving at 85mph in a 70mph zone in a Range Rover and using his phone on 28 January."

However, he has at least put his hand up and taken his punishment.

"Speaking outside court, Knowles said: "For me, this was a wake-up call and me putting my phone in the boot of my car now stops the temptation.
The six-month ban was appropriate because to give anything else would be giving me special privilege."
Knowles said he hoped his case would make other people alter their behaviour."


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All credit to him, if he's sincere.


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It's not as though he can have been unaware of the illegality and danger involved in what he did so I'm not inclined to think he's not a dick for it. I suppose though I'd consider him a bigger dick if he'd tried to weasel out of it in any way or justify it. And I don't think I'd be cracking gags with the judge at sentencing either.

The decent thing would be not to have committed the offences in the first place, especially when you consider he was already on 6 points.

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Very gracious of him to concede he is not above the law.

Not that the celebrity can win in these circumstances, almost anything they say could be criticised.

A one line apology is probably the best tactic.

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It tends to be easy to admit guilt and to say sorry when you have been caught. It's impossible to try to make excuses under those circumstances.

Lets hope he is sincere.


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Knowles told the court he had a hands-free kit in his car but was holding his mobile due to a "dodgy power lead".

Well, i guess you have to think up some excuse when you have Bluetooth hands free.


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Do Range Rovers not have a Bluetooth hands free capability?

My car has.


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But that makes no sense to me either; if he was charging it up with a dodgy cable, his phone would be low on battery whether he was using hands free capability or not..?
It makes sense to me. His phone was low on charge so he had the charge cable plugged in from phone to to car socket. He receives or makes a call by holding the phone.
Gets seen by plod, claims he had to hold the phone because charge lead has bad connection.
Its a pretty lame excuse really, but i guess he thought he had to make some sort of excuse.
Too bad Cozy Powell didn't think of the danger!

(taken from Wikipedia)

Powell died on 5 April 1998 following a car crash while driving his Saab 9000 at 104 mph (167 km/h) in bad weather on the M4 motorway near Bristol. He had been dating a married woman who was having troubles with her husband.[8] Upset, she phoned him and asked him to come quickly to her house which was approximately 35 miles away. As he was driving to her house she phoned him again and asked "Where are you?" He informed her he was on his way and then she heard him say "Oh shoot!" followed by a loud bang.[8]

Powell was ejected through the windscreen and died at the scene.[8] According to the BBC report, at the time of the crash Powell's blood-alcohol reading was over the legal limit, and he was not wearing a seat belt, in addition to talking with his girlfriend on his mobile phone. The official investigation also found evidence of a slow puncture in a rear tyre that, it was suggested, could well have caused a sudden collapse of the tyre with a consequent loss of control of the car.[9]
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