No More Four Minute Warning

Discussion in 'News and Current Affairs' started by Diogenes, 13 Jan 2018.

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  2. Fonze

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    Yep, that's a pants filler ..
    Fake news ..
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  3. I thought it was fairly well known that in a national catastrophic emergency everyone’s phone would ring to warn them.

    I am sure we have the same system here. Government sends notice to vodaphone, o2 etc etc. They send text/call to all customers.
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  4. classic33

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  5. classic33

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    Human Error.
  6. OP

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    There you go, learned something today ^_^
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  7. I arrived in Melbourne during the 2009 bushfire disaster, and picked up a SIM at the airport. The next morning I got an alert (it may have been a text message) from the Government alerting me to the fire risk that day.

    I assume (as up thread) it was sent to every phone within a defined set of mobile towers.

    Luckily the cool change came early, and there were no serious fires that day.
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  8. NorthernDave

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    Is there any real point to a 4 minute warning?

    If I was at work when it happened, I could wait 4 minutes for a lift down to the ground floor, let alone make it to the car - and then what?

    The mobile phone network would crash immediately with everyone trying to ring everyone else. The internet would go down as everyone updated their status, or posted a ready for the end of the world selfie on Instagram.

    If I were at home I'd barely have time to make it to the Co-op, let alone panic buy anything I could get my hands on.

    Oh, and Mrs ND would wonder what all the fuss was about as she wouldn't have noticed the text arrive...:laugh:
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    My wife was in the Royal Observer Corps in the 80s when they rehearsed procedures regularly and reckons the warning wouldn't have been given to the general public. They practiced moving VIPs quickly to shelters (took longer than 4 minutes - more like 4 hours) but the rehearsals for full scale procedures all showed very small percentages of the public being saved.
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    [QUOTE 5115299, member: 45"]There's a system in place that allows allocated people priority use of the mobile network. The rest of us would be caught up in the queues.[/QUOTE]

    Before @Markymark chirps up, presumably that would be iPhone users first? :laugh:
  11. YukonBoy

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    Just got the warming
  12. screenman

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    Do I care, just finished a bottle red to myself whilst Pam has got a bottle of Pinot ready for the recycling bin, and would you know it the cork has just popped out of a magnum of Prosseco. Tomorrow morning may arrive later than normal.
  13. classic33

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    Kiss your a** goodbye?
  14. Beebo

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    The US PGA are holding a major golf tournament in Hawaii which was apparently badly affected.
    Can you imagine that many people in a wide open space.
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