No Vac Passport.


That is from Feb 19th. Doesn't mean it's wrong, but "unsure" is a state that doesn't usually stay unchanged for long ...

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Think that has less of a problem with asymptomatic carriers? IIRC?
Who knows, is that the main issue (maybe it's not even the best example) but bear with me? I think people are weighing risks on taking the vaccine because the risk to them of any serious outcome is low. If the risk of contact with somebody who maybe might be infected say for example with something like Ebola where survival rates are pretty damn low I think there would be a very different thinking going on. This low risk obscures the logic of the debate around the validity/ethics of a passport system - if it were say a virus with the severity of Ebola you can bet your cheeky bottom that we'd be desperate for vaccination and a foolproof Passport system.


I think I see what you're saying - but we're in uncharted waters in either scenario. We haven't had a pandemic in the modern era, with/without a vaccine. It's a Thought Experiment too far!!


No guarantee's
"But jabs might make infected people less able to pass the virus on, or make them less infectious, and so reduce transmission."

The science is there, and they seem to be saying they're unsure.
OK, so I've googled:
covid transmission vaccine
The first hit is this (from March 12th - a month after your citation):
Dr Anoop Shah from LSHTM said: “This was a large observational study looking at the impact of vaccination on onward transmission of SARS-CoV-2 to close contacts in the absence of trial evidence. We looked at nearly 150,000 healthcare workers and their 200,000 household members. Our study showed that among household members, in the period after the healthcare worker in the household had been vaccinated, the risk of COVID-19 was around 30% lower.
I must confess I was expecting more than a 30% reduction! But there you go, science is science ..
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