Old swivel chair - homemade bike stand?


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I have an old swivel chair and I reckon it has potential for making a work stand. It has for sturdy legs and an adjustable height rod that was the seat high adjuster.
It is a bit low, but I would probably stand it on my workbench to get it to a comfortable height.
What I need is some form of clamp that would bolt to where the backrest fitted and also has a swivel on it so I can rotate the orinetation of the bike.
Any ideas what I could get and where from?


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Nothing to offer to help, but just wanted to say I like the cut of your jib with this project.


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I also tried this idea but I think you might end up with unstable workstand. Anyway you can try clamps used by Mucisians to clamp instruments approx £20. I also had an idea making a workstand from Speaker Stands but again it might be unstable and just bought one from Merlin.


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This might sound a bit mental but ....

I use one of these http://www.diy.com/diy/jsp/bq/nav.j...did=10136446&ecamp=trf-005&CAWELAID=326897299

That's right I have a rotary washing line in the back garden that is not used for washing but if perfect for hanging bikes on to adjust gears etc.

Simply put hang top tube over one limb of the dryer - the plasticised cord protects the bike and it holds the bike well enough for adjusting gears/brakes at a comfortable height.


Gixer, you could make this work but it looks like a lot of pain for something with too small a footprint to be stable. How about building something that hangs off the wall or a beam?
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