England : Oxfordshire Oxfordshire Outing ( small wheelers only)


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This a bit ‘out there’ but I’m organising a group ride for small wheel bike riders, preferably older bikes but not exclusively.

I have date for an Oxfordshire group ride. Meet at Didcot Parkway Station at 10:30am on Sunday 29th September.

We’ll ride to Oxford City approximately 16 miles away at a conversational pace, visiting along the way the site of Didcot Railway Centre, Didcot Cooling Towers site, Abingdon Abbey, the River Thames, Inspector Morse pubs/locations, Oxford Castle and Prison.

Then, those that want to can ride back with me or get the train from Oxford to home or Didcot. For those that want to drive, I have a location where you can park free of charge.

The route will be mainly cycle paths, quiet country lanes, river tow paths and occasional main roads.

Interested parties please post below.

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Great initiative Carl but unfortunately we’re away :-(


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I'll be with you in spirit - ought to be a great ride. Done many trips into Oxford by bus, great place to spend a few hours looking around. Dare say you'll be checking out the Turf Tavern and the Randolph, both featured of course in Morse. Nice as it is, can't be much fun if you live there surrounded by tourists all the time. Heard they recently knocked down the Didcot cooling towers, will kinda miss those landmarks on my next journey out that way.........


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Do 26" wheeled mtb's count as small wheels ?
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