Pashley Roadster Sovereign


I’m selling my Pashley Roadster Sovereign.

This is the 8 speed version, with all the bells and whistles - dynamo front light, Marathon Plus tyres, built in frame lock, rear rack, stand, ding-dong bell etc..

It’s a 24.5” frame, with the double top tube. Pashley recommend this size for those with an inside leg (i.e. from sole of foot to crotch) of 34” to 38.5”.

I bought this new about 2 years ago and have used it infrequently. It’s in very good cosmetic condition, just a few minor scuffs and scrapes. Mechanically it’s in full working order.

Selling as I have just bought a Pashley Pronto which I think is more suited to my needs.

Standard specification bar the following:

  • Bars replaced with a slightly different shape bar from an older Pashley.
  • Horrible original grips replaced with some cheap and cheerful comfortable grips.
  • BB replaced with a Shimano UN55.
  • Coat guards removed. I lost one of the clips that hold these on and they needed constant tweaking to stop them rubbing on the rear tyre. I have the guards and will include them in the sale, but they have a couple of small holes in them where I tried to cable tie them into position.
  • Pedals replaced with better quality, grippier ones.

Full specification on this link:

I appreciate that there’s not a huge demand for these, so priced realistically (I think) at £400. RRP is £790 new.

Collection only, from Nottingham, NG5 (about 4 miles north of the City centre). It’s a big bike, but will fit into a medium sized hatchback (e.g. a VW golf) with the bars turned and front wheel and seatpost removed.

EE4836EC-513D-412F-953E-DB97967D1524.jpeg 94A7D877-CC2C-4986-B2A2-293FE33B9D95.jpeg 4CCC2C66-94E0-4B20-9DAF-C71BB177ABCE.jpeg

@Drago You may be interested?


Very kind of you to think of me. I am sort of considering one, but I'll wait until im riding a bit more regularly.

Lovely looking bike. Good luck with the sale.


What a lovely bike. I’m sure anybody riding it would feel very stately.

Thank you. It does indeed feel very stately. “A whale amongst minnows” as Pashley’s marketing blurb says!

If space was no object I’d keep it and just use it occasionally, but alas there’s only so much space in a standard domestic garage and MrsR won’t let me keep any bikes in the house:sad:
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Galway, Ireland
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