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England : East Sussex Pioneer motorcycle run, Tattenham Corner to Brighton, Sunday 18 March 2018

Discussion in 'CycleChat and Recreational Rides' started by Adrian, 6 Mar 2018.

  1. Adrian

    Adrian Heed the elf's wisdom

    As in previous years, start from Tattenham Corner 8:00 - 8:30.
  2. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah Staff Member

    Barmy in Barming
    Shame to miss it.
    I'm Audaxing in Kent

    And there's Ross's London Movie Ride also on that day.
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  3. StuAff

    StuAff Silencing his legs regularly

    This thread is ten years early....;)
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  4. marshmella

    marshmella Über Member

    At least there's plenty of time to prepare^_^
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  5. It's Adrian's best effort to get me there as he knows my diary is generally full for around 10 years. Although sadly on this occasion I'll be finally letting King Charles III come around for lunch that day.
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  6. McWobble

    McWobble Euthermic

    Minkowski Space
    So that's when you're up for parole, then?
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  7. StuAff

    StuAff Silencing his legs regularly

    Given the weather forecast tomorrow, I will definitely not be riding along for this…