Pointless overtake.


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he caught mustgetinfront disease, don't get too close

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It makes my laugh when they do that, even more so when they nearly have a head on collision with a lorry in the process but it is even better when you know they can see you overtaking miles of traffic


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Yup i never said it was dangerous , i was merrely saying it was pointless as they had nowhere to go and i like playing with the muvi atm

This is one of the busiest areas on my ride , most of it i have country roads so i do not see that many cars.
In fact on the ride to work i might see 10 overtakes in close to 10 miles .
Aye. I had one on the way back tonight. (too tired to post the video!). Going downhill, probably travelling about 25mph, I'm keeping up quite easily with the flow of traffic. I'm leaving a safe gap between me and the car in front. Not excessive, but enough. Traffic coming the other way clears and the people carrier (mum and kids) proceeds to overtake and slot into my safety gap! :smile:

Guess what happens when we get to the lights just up ahead that are on red. Yup, you've guessed it, I catch up and pass. Not even worth a magnatom wave! :smile:


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It's a disease that motorists suffer from quite a lot:

MOTorCaR "Must Overtake The Cyclist, Regardless"

I have to admit to feeling the urge while driving sometimes, but I have resisted so far :smile:


It might be more effective to say nothing and just turn to the driver with a cheeky grin on your face as you filter past.


cyberknight said:
Numpty does an overtake whilst we are approaching a red ped crossing with a queue of traffic all the way to the roundabout.

Soon rectify this and let the driver know how pointless it was :thumbsup:

View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV50KuYvvGI

I'm not sure going past him in the middle of the road, shooting your mouth off and then wobbling through opposing lanes of traffic in a country village counts as a victory, dude.



As long as I breathe, I attack.
I Bow to the wisdom of those who filter all the time:tongue:

And i was never in the other lane , i was turning right and you were not there so you only got the few seconds that were relevant.

NVM you will never make everyone happy especially on the internet ........


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Just ban 'em mate, not worth the bother. I sometimes let them have their one post and respond once in return, but most of the time it's not worth the effort.
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