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  1. Dave5N

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  2. yenrod

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    Wowa man ! i am amazed at this !

    Bicycle wheels at dawn or should that be spokes :sad:

    Press release : The UCI Management Committee decides to suspend the French Cycling Federation


    Description: Following the request by Pat McQuaid, President of the International Cycling Union (UCI), for the suspension of the French Cycling Federation (FFC), the UCI Management Committee, meeting in Snekkersten, Denmark, on 12-13 June, today decided to suspend the FFC with immediate effect.

    The UCI President rebuked the FFC for a lack of loyalty to the UCI and its members and for having breached UCI Statutes and Regulations by actively and openly supporting the organisation, outside the UCI framework, of the last edition of the Paris-Nice, an event organised by ASO.

    The UCI Management Committee imposed a fine of 10,000 Swiss francs on the FFC. The FFC will be suspended until 31 December 2008.

    The FFC’s suspension has the following effect:

    • non-participation in the next UCI Congress,

    • inadmissibility of its candidates for elections,

    • suspension of FFC representatives from committees and commissions,

    • rejection or withdrawal of the organisation of the World Championships.

    Reacting to the decision, Pat McQuaid, who, having initiated the request for the suspension, did not participate in the decision-making process by members of the Management Committee, commented that this was "a strong decision that demonstrates that the UCI will not tolerate one of its members flouting international cycling regulations".

    The UCI President also declared that he was "satisfied that the sanctions did not affect French riders or events", saying that this was "for the good of the sport". The UCI Management Committee rejected the option to exclude French riders from the World Championships and other international events, in particular the Olympic Games.

    UCI Press Service

  3. Noodley

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    If he was interested in the "good of the sport" he would have buggered off long ago...about the same time the plot was well and truly lost.
  4. Keith Oates

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    Penarth, Wales
    Whether the UCI or it's present leaders survive the fight that's going on is indeed in doubt. At least something has been done so we'll just have to wait and see what happens next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. rich p

    rich p ridiculous old lush

    one of the problems with committees, councils, federatons etc is that usually run by people who like power and influence and the rest of us who can't be arsed with the politicking almost get the 'leaders' we deserve.
    Discuss! It sounds a bit like an A level exam question!
  6. girofan

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    Verbruggen has his hand up the back of McQuaid pulling the strings and there will never be a settlement now!
    All I forsee is the big tour organisers such as ASO breaking away and forming their own cartel of races.
    The UCI will have such a paucity of events that if they then do not capitulate to the demands of the organisors the UCI will become a nonentity.
  7. gavintc

    gavintc Guru

    It is very very sad to see such squabbling at the top of a sport that does not enjoy good PR. We need cohesion and teamwork to develop the sport not petty in-fighting. If Victor Meldrew supported cycling, I could just see him "I don't believe it".
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