Portsmouth area cycling clubs

I've been rather lazy and unmotivated recently when it comes to anything more than my usual commute (I haven't even been adding extra miles on the way home) so I was thinking of going out on a local club run. However I'm a little on the insecure side when meeting new people, hence all the hanging around on the interweb, and especially when meeting cycling people as I'm still something of a newbie and don't want to be laughed off the road.

I was wondering if any one here knows anything of the local clubs here? I know there are a couple of locally based folks on these boards and so far I've managed to find Portsmouth North End Cycling Club and the rather dynamically named Team Axiom who both meet close-ish to my flat, does anyone know anything about either of these? Does one lend themselves better to the inept and nervous rather than the sleek and confident?
Do the Randonnee!

Both will have groups there and you will get a chance to meet them.
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