Potential Benefits of leaving the EU

Discussion in 'News and Current Affairs' started by raleighnut, 5 Jul 2019.

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    I didn't want to be rude.:okay:
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  2. That's the odd thing. The day after I took German citizenship I was the same person as the day before. Didn't feel any more German or less British.

    And the goverment screwing them over will be ready with a Scapegoat to blame, I'm sure.
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  3. They 'listened' in 2016 because they got the answer they wanted. Now they've stopped because they don't want to hear something else.
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    :rofl: Tried to send you a PM but not possible, I suggest you look at my posts on the subject.:tongue:
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    Didn't know that I didn't allow messages, I'll need to have a look at that. Sorry I assumed wrong, even as I typed it, I did wonder. What is it the say about assumption? :blush:
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    I suppose in theory making trade deals could be easier, or certainly quicker as there's not so many people/countries to satisfy with the details.
    This does of course ignore the facts that we don't have enough trade negotiators, we will be negotiating from an extraordinarily weakened position and I'm honestly not sure who's left that the EU hasn't already made deals with that are far better than anything we are going to get, but, if we cross our fingers behind our backs, maybe there's a benefit there somewhere.
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    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UrJIUxBQIM

    I think those people probably know that. Just a once in a lifetime opportunity never to be repeated before or since for their instructions to be carried out by the politicians. And if they aren't, a lot of people know the politicians were never going to do it anyway.
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    If you talk to people on the street, they perceive it to be somehow tied up to the EU and a changing world.

    I know you're very proud of your Scottish heritage, but there's no need to invoke the idea of Englishness gratuitously. All four parts of the UK had sizeable numbers of people that voted for brexit. Some parts had a majority for brexit overall, also Wales, others not. If you want to get into that game, how come if Scotland was way behind Gibraltar in terms of percentages that voted to remain? A million people in Scotland voted leave compared to 1.6 million for remain.
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    I'm not seeing any big upsides there tbh.
    What oppression are you talking about?

    As already stated all of those things could be done now (although it's debatable whether all would be wise) - maybe you should list (as you see it), the possible benefits that could only happen after Brexit, before the thread stagnates into what we already have on the forum.
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    I think some people will be going on nostalgically about the EU referendum for decades. People like their stories.

    There will be other people who don't feel any differently. There will be other people, many of them on these boards who will feel differently the day after, but not in the sense originally talked about in the thread.
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    It's most likely a reference to Widdecombe's speech rather than @raleighnut s own view.
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  12. Personally I think @cookiemonster has a point here, even though I'm English. The Gibraltar/Scotland difference is not surprising when you look at where they are: Scotland's media influences for the last 40 years were predominantly English, whereas Gibraltar has changed and become more diverse, more European, and is more aware that it is a small rock on the Spanish coast and needs the EU to survive.
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    I'm not sure that I would agree with the things you mention, and can see no likely benefits for me that would compensate for the feeling of being an outsider, isolated from the protection provided by the EU from the excesses of the right wingers in Westminster.
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    It's not really helpful. The idea of 'Englishness' and more specifically problems of England (whatever that is) he is going on about as usually talked about is parts of the home counties (doesn't really include much of London), and a band of land stretching from norfolk and suffolk to Shropshire and Cheshire down to Herefordshire and bits of the South West. There are urban exclusions to this. There are other urban areas particularly north of this which also have a lot of ideas around identity, but not that of Englishness, more class.

    And even then talk about identity around high streets, that one gets even more interesting where ever you are.
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  15. Crackle

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    I can't really think of any. Everything I can think of is possible now, the only thing that isn't is protectionism of industries like steel, however there are creative ways around that. Perhaps a shortage of foreign workers will transform how companies view zero hour contracts but again, any government can introduce legislation to deal with that being in or out of the EU makes no odds.

    I suppose most people are thinking of benefit claims, housing shortages, pressure on schools and local services, asylum seekers etc.... but not much of this has any direct link with the EU and can all be dealt with by a government with the will, we just haven't had one.
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