Potential Benefits of leaving the EU

Discussion in 'News and Current Affairs' started by raleighnut, 5 Jul 2019.

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    I think De Gaulle wanted a) a Europe reflecting a great deal of French political influence ,and b) recognised both that this would be harder with the UK inside but also that the UK was unlikely to be enthusiastic for European convergance and integration. In regard to the latter, he wasn't so far wide of the mark.

    Adenauer the post-war German chancellor also doubted Britains European credentials.
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    De gaulle was a problematical character to put it mildly though wasn't he? Not sure I'd take any of his views on the brits at face value. Politicians aren't necessarily high minded philosophers. But human with all the potential for ego driven flaws. It isn't unknown, for instance, for people to have problems with people who have helped them, who know them, to seek to write them out.
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    There is huge, clear benefit, when the £ has inevitably fallen through the floor, the price of assets sank to the bottom of the UK continental shelf, and jobs vanished, people with wealth offshore (like Andy in Germany perhaps? ;) and fine people like Donald Trump:o)) can mop up houses, land, antiques, etc. at half the price they could have done before, and employ locals as servants and slave workers for peanuts!

    You didn't mean benefits accrued to the the suicide cult who voted for it, surely?
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    No I didn't ^_^ But when people realise what the 'Moneyed Elite' have conned them into I await the 'backlash' with interest, it will be a humbling experience though I'm sure. :cry:

    These Brexiteers need a lesson and Feck em, I'll be dead soon enough. :angel:
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  5. D*mn, you've realised my cunning plan...

    I'll use the vast wealth I earn as a Social worker to buy Yorkshire.

    Mainly because it'll annoy @classic33
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    I'm quite comfortable being an EU citizen.
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    *I'm not going to edit it just for a missing 'kin apostrophe. *
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    All are possible within the EU, save perhaps the last, which I don't know about.

    WTO may well be at least as restrictive as EU rules on state subsidy.
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    Easier reform of agricultural subsidies is the only real potential benefit I can see.

    But even that is fraught with many other difficulties, and might even prove to be more difficult and complex as we negotiate access to other markets.
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    That’s my concern. When the leavers realise that their unicorns are not arriving, held up by customs at Dover, and their lives have not improved, they will kick off and remainers will join them as their lives have been made worse un-neccessarily. At least the English electorate will then wisen up and realise that this whole mess is their doing and they cannot blame others. Sadly it’ll be too late and the damage will be done.

    *edit* in case anyone complains, this is NOT and anti-English rant, far from it. I'm just genuinely pissed off that one area of the UK can go ahead and destroy every other country of the UK for reasons that defy all logic.
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  13. Blue Hills

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    On a point of fact as somewhat confused by your "every other country" phrase (can you please list?,) I understand that Wales voted leave.
    I think the subject is a bit more complicated than you suggest in your edit.
  14. I think @cookiemonster is referring to the possible effects and the arithmetic: Unfortunately England can outvote the other three nations by sheer weight of numbers.
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  15. Unfortunately I think a lot of leave voters will probably blame remain voters & remain supporting MP's and turn on them instead. Leave supporting MP's and leaders will probably not try and stop them because the alternative will be putting their hands up and admitting there were never going to be Unicorns, so "There would have been unicorns but the Remoaners chased them away" will be an easier sell...

    Other Scapegoats will be Immigrants, the EU, MEP's, Unemployed/diasbled people/Scots/Ireland (NI and ROI)... there's a good long list for the leave campaign leaders to go through.
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