Pray for brave Tommy.

Discussion in 'News and Current Affairs' started by Eddy, 11 Jul 2019.

  1. dutchguylivingintheuk

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    It's the Illuminati new world order, Rothschild knows about it, put you foil hat on before the gemtrails poison your mind an you're become and elite voting zombies.
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    Not the Rothschild family, the Lebedev family and the Harmsworth family. The only differences as proprietors is that Evgeny Lebedev does not like Putins cook despoiling his papers BTL and Harmsworth does not make swish parties with QT Boris Johnson attendances.
    What's gemtrails? I know that project bluebeam will be projecting holograms of successful brexit outcomes onto crumbling northern cities but the gemtrails, sounds youtube?
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  3. AndyRM

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    You're in luck, Gem Trails are on YouTube. If ambient music's your thing, I think you'll enjoy.

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  4. randynewmanscat

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    I dared to click on the youtube link, I'll pass on that. I prefer the chemtrails videos, well the comments by the tinfoil hat army really.
  5. Drago

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    To be fair, that is disingenuous, seeing as they're all inextricably linked, a symptom of a wider societal and political malaise. How can one have a meaningful discussion about Steven Yaxley Lennon without mentioning the political landscape in which he has set out his stall?

    Tommy Robinson's mates rough handling people is no different in cause or effect from the europholes rough handing elderly Brexit supporters outside parliament recently - they're both fascism, the use force to promote a politial objective. The idea, promulgated in this very thread, that fascism is somehow the preserve of the far right is laughable. They're all fascist scum.

    I'm sure they'd like to kid themselves they're different, but they aren't - fascism is alive and will on all sides of the political divide, and Tommy is just a single sample from a wide spectrum.
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  6. Bromptonaut

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    Bugbrooke UK
    Can you expand on this eg with a link to a press report?
  7. Hitchington

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    That London
    Faux news.

    Fascism, by it's very definition, is the preserve of the far right.

    Saying that a handful of pro remain demonstrators or "europhiles" (or people on the left) are fascists is starting to become a strategy used by the far right to confuse the uneducated, i.e. people that the far right want to recruit. The far right then label these people as "traitors" or "undemocratic" without understanding what this means and we all know where that has lead to.

    It doesn't matter how many times someone says "the idea, promulgated in this very thread, that fascism is somehow the preserve of the far right is laughable" or similar, it won't begin to make it true.

    Tommy Robinson standing up in front of his supporters and attacking the Muslim community is an example of fascism in action. His words and hate speech will influence his supporters to want to divide communities. They learn to mistrust, fear and hate their neighbours.

    What sounds to be a minor scuffle between two sets of people with different views outside parliament is not an example of fascism in action.

    It is really important to make this distinction.
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    When's he out anyway? I'm looking forward to him putting all of his journalistic skills and ingenuity into investigating the Royal family.
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    Think he started his latest sentence in July, for 9 months I believe so early next year? Katie Hopkins will probably organise a wee party for him, which will likely be countered by considerably more folk who recognise him for the reprehensible hypocritical eejit that he is.
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  10. Pale Rider

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    I had to check a listing at Leeds Crown Court earlier.

    It's the only daily court list I've seen which carries a general warning about reporting restrictions.

    I wonder why.

    Screengrab from

    The Crown Court
    at Leeds

    Daily Courtroom List for Friday 30 August 2019
    FINAL 1
    Warning - There are cases within this court list with reporting restrictions.
    Any breach of reporting restrictions is punishable by sanctions up to and including imprisonment.

    Court 1

    Court 2

    Court 3
    - sitting at 09:45 am
    Mr R Quayle
    Mrs J Kang

    For Application for Bail
  11. Mugshot

    Mugshot Cracking a solo.

  12. Mugshot

    Mugshot Cracking a solo.

    He's out. I would post a pic of him post release but this was the only photo of him I could find;

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