Prescription Cycling Glasses


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Anyone use these or recommend an outlet?

i'm a specky git who doesn't do contact lenses, so riding around in my normal glasses both ruins them and doesn't protect my eyes from glare.



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Anyone use these or recommend an outlet?

i'm a specky git who doesn't do contact lenses, so riding around in my normal glasses both ruins them and doesn't protect my eyes from glare.

I am the same, Paul. No way I am every using contact lenses!

I bought some from and have used them for a year. i use them for commuting when I remember and always when I am out at the weekend. I got the serengeti ones I think with photochromic lenses as I use them at night at well. they certainly get dark enough.

I actually went to the shop in Croydon because I wanted to see what they looked like on and they are a perfectly decent optician as well. Some of the glasses did look different on though, so I was pleased I went there. I notice you are up north, so a trip to buy glasses is a bit extreme, but I believe that they will post up frames for a nominal price which is deductable against first purchase (not 100% on this as I did not do it) so you can have a look in the mirror.

I wouldnt hesitate to use them again, and the price compared to the high street shops is bargain basement.

Good luck!


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I have bought some Rudy project glasses with an optical insert, around £80 for the both,

I did look into optilabs but, thought that optical inserts would be a better path if and when my prescription changes and it is only around £10-£15 for single vision lenses if you shop around
A decent pair of prescription cycling sunglasses is well worth the investement - I spent a stupid amount of money on a pair of Oakleys a few years back - luckily at my age my ordinary vision prescription has not changed (just need varifocals for close up stuff) - but for when I have been touring on bright days down south the Oakleys have kept me intact -

getting to the point where I need to replace them - prepared to spend stupid money again - does any one wear varifocal sports glasses


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I have adidas evil eye pro's. A great pair of glasses that look awesome as well.
Only problem is, if you're not using the tinted lens, then you look a bit like a frog as you can see the perscription lens inside them.


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Optilabs, if you want to try a couple of frames they will send out to you so you can make sure you get the right frame to fit your head.
Excellant service


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 I'm getting a bit confused with prescription sunglasses. Can 'wraparound' type sunglasses be made to a certain prescription, or is a insert necessary all the time?

Can glasses from Oakley, Specialized etc use made to prescription? How about replaceable lenses? I could do with sunglasses sometimes, but need clear lenses when it isn't too sunny. My everyday glasses don't block any wind out and I have to have my head at an annoying angle to see through them whilst cycling, which doesn't help my neck (which has some unknown problem).

I don't know what my current prescription is, so I will have to go to my optician to ask some time. 


It's a bit more complicated than that...
Optilabs. Cheap, quick, good service. I got photochromic lenses, which are absolutely fine for visibility in all conditions - even in deep shade on a miserable day. I even treated myself to a lunchtime trip out of the office to the showroom - above a garage just off one of the grimmest junctions you can imagine in glamorous Croydon. It's about five minutes from the nearest train station.


Pardon my iggorance but how do these prescription inserts work ?

It appears that one gets the equivalent of a pair of glasses with minimal frame (like Raybans without the arms ;)) and these fit onto a holder in the sunglasses.

Are they not a bit heavy ?
Do they sit on the nose or the sunglasses or both ?

I have varifocal lenses (needed for seeing distance ahead as well as a computer/gps) and have tried and failed with contacts. Sunnies with inserts would appear to be the cheaper way to go than full prescription lenses, as my prescription is still changing ...
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