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Chances are Andrew will somehow worm his way out of ever having to give evidence.
Family and diplomatic service will pull a few strings behind the scenes.

By dying Epstein denied his victims their day in court, frustrating for yhrm

Maybe something will come of the Ghislaine case, hard to say, the US legal system seems to involve lots of deals behind closed doors, settlements out of court, and buying of peoples silence.

All we can hope is this makes people who might have thought they can get away with abuse, because of their privelege, seniority, coercive power or whatever, think twice and thrice before using other peoples bodies for their own gratification.

The rape conviction rate is on the floor in this country, at any rate, but rape and assault hasn't gone away.

It sounds like the trial process is what puts off a lot of victims, either from coming forward, or continuing with prosecutions.

Something needs to be done about that, victims being better supported through and after trials.

In addition to preventing these assaults happening in the first place,.

Maybe the issues highlighted by this case will help.

We can only hope.. :sad:

Yep, one law for the rich....:sad:.

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Needs to be careful, he doesn’t want to Topol off....
Being a rich man he, unfortunately, has a safety net.

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Look on the bright side - Harry the Quitter will also turn up for the funeral.

Some reports suggest the little rascal has slipped into the country already.
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