Race Report - Hillingdon 16/2


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Bromley, Kent
I woke up not feeling to Strong, And really not any idea as to why, But I thought lets go race anyway, It's only 45minutes of racing, I can handle that, so off I went.
I arrived really early this time, about an hour before race start, so decided to take my time getting checked in and getting ready, as I started warming up the rear mech decides to Jam. Please God not now, not today. So I take it back to the onsite mechanic (a nice touch as you never see these normally) who sticks it up on the grab and it seems to work fine, So off I go again.
as race starts I look round and there is a huge number of riders turned out for last race of the series, but race gets under way and we are all off round the curcuit. Another windy day (I think it being right by heathrow airport a wind will always pick up on the vast open space) and the back straight is always slow. A fellow rider I met last week takes off on the front in the second lap and I knew he wasn't going to be strong enough to keep it up and sure enough he gets pulled back in in due time and falls and gets spat out the back. I'm pretty much at the back for the whole race, Not sure if this is some mental tactic I have each week but this is where I find myself most of the time, but never get dropped. We had one crash this week, I managed to avoid it and carry on.
It gets to the last 3 laps and I'm telling myself its make or break time and to move to the front. on the last lap I make my move, I'm going from the back right to the front in one hasty move picking the bunck off one by one and now I'm on the front, fighting for my life. Do you remember I said I was tired before I left? It hits me, I've run out of power heading for the final corner and the whole bunch are on my back wheel, I beckon them to pass but I keep hold of the 3rd wheel that passes, Giving me no more than 5 seconds rest I sprint for the line, it's mine, the HRM is telling me I'm going to die but what does it know, its a machine, I'm climbing and climbing and the finish line is it Sight, YES! YES! YES!...... NOOOOOOO!!!!! With all the pulling on the handlebars they've become loose putting me off and making me sit back in the saddle and let the rest of the group pass me. A real bummer but thats life, thats racing, and till next time, more training, oh and sack the Mechanic

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
What a final let down, Walker, but at least you did the hard work and seemed to have read the race pretty well so it all adds to experience for when the BIG day arrives. Well done and thanks for the report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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