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hi folks, after a bit of advice if possible. i quite like the above bike from ebc for some light touring but also for general pottering about, but it comes with sora gears, which my current bike has and which i find horrible to use. would it be possible to buy some tiagra levers and put them straight on instead? would it even be worth the effort, i dont know. why do they even use sora, its seems really uncomfortable to me and hard to reach the lever. anyway, cheers in advance, steve in evesham.


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i would probaly be cheaper to buy a bike with full tiagra setup rather than change the leavers


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sora works fine on mine, i.e. I click or tap and if all shifts accordingly, but I don't know much better, are you sure they are set up properly or or is it the ergonomics of the shifters you dislike?
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