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Ok guys
I have just been re-bitten by the bike bug and I am looking to purchase a new 1 thing is im not sure which 1 to go for ( heres my story ) years ago I brought a kona lava dome all steel no suspension loved it absolutely loved it road it everyday on road and off-road really hurt my wrists in the summer but still loved it. Then I decided to upgrade it and bought a kona pahoehoe aluminium good shock forks but for some reason didnt love it ride was much more upright and hurt my as you might guess I used it less and less then stopped. Brought a race as I do like road rides but damn hated the position far to low and it REALLY hurt my ass and the bit between your ass and balls ouch!!!! so didnt ride that either. Sold the racer still have the pahoehoe so Im kinda looking for a new bike that would be great on-road but more comfortable im thinking secteur or sirrus please help me make up my mind I love to watch the grand tours and stuff so I kinda edging towards the secteur...please help


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Whatever you buy you MUST get it from a decent bike shop (not Halfrauds) who will help you choose the right size then set it up right. To get the best from your shop make an appointment to go along at a quiet time (very early Saturday or Sunday if they open, or during a weekday). Ride as many as you can and then give careful consideration to the saddle, the saddle position and height and finally the handlebar set up. Any decent shop should be able to swop saddles over for you to try. Wear your cycling shorts and shoes so as to get it all set up right and once you've bought the bike come on here and ask advice about anything that is uncomfortable. The beauty of web sites like this is that somebody will have had the same problem and they will tell you how to solve it. Once you've bought your bike, if you're going to be reliant on the bike shop for servicing and repairs, take along a packet of biscuits for the staff and make friends with them.

Good luck.
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