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  1. G_MAN

    G_MAN New Member

    I have recently ordered a Binachi B4P 1885 Veloce road bike which i intended to use for commuting to and from work on the road and the odd club ride on a weekend, however, i have had a slight change of plan in that i have been offered a job in another part of the country which will involve communting on differing road surfaces including pavements. My question may sound stupid, however, would a road bike still suit this type of surface or would i be better off with a hybrid?

    I've been looking at the following bike and was wanting to get some opinions from those who know a lot more about cycling than i do:

  2. Maz

    Maz Guru

    You say Pavements? Do you mean cycle paths?
  3. OP

    G_MAN New Member

    It's a complete mix to be honest. A large proportion of my cycle to work wil include cycling alongside a busy A road which is a mixture of tarmac cycle paths and concrete paving. I'm probably looking at a 13 mile commute and having never had a road bike before im not sure how this will be suited to a mixture of differng road surfaces.
  4. RedBike

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    Beside the road
    The key thing with rough roads is the tyres. Wider tyres are much better at absorbing bumps. It arguably doesn't really matter if the bike has drop or flat bars, v-brakes or calipers.

    Without seeing these 'pavements' it's hard to advice you.
    - If the pavements are relatively smooth and there's good ramps on/off the curbs then I would probably go for the Bianchi.
    - If the surface is broken and you need to bounce up /down some lowered curbs then I would probably go for a bike with 700c wheels and 35/38mm tyres (Not sure these will fit on the trek).
    - If the route involves bouncing up / down full height curbs, gravel tracks etc then I would go for 26" wheels and semi-slick tyres.
  5. snorri

    snorri Legendary Member

    You need two bikes G_MAN.
    Anyway, everyone has at least three bikes, don't they?:tongue:
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