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I'm looking to replace my smashed saddle on the MTB. I'm on wiggle etc.. is there a difference between mtb and road saddleS??? they all seem to be aimed at rodies???
Yip, generally mtb saddles are wider and more padded than road saddles. I've known some folk however to swing both ways (ooer) and fit a mtb saddle to a road bike and visa versa because they find it more comfortable.


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The reason why a road saddle would differ from an atb one would be the rider position is not the same on both bikes.
Assuming the rider has both bikes and they fit him properly and they are set up correctly for his style of riding then you still have to consider how & where you ride, padded shorts or not, etc .
If you are starting out its hard to know what to go for, so see if you can try some of your riding mates to see what suits.
Some retailers do offer a 'try before you buy' on top of the range saddles. Consider this, a decent saddle will cost you the price of 2 good tyres & tubes (£70) and last a lot longer with luck . So dont skimp.


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Just to fly in the face of all the above advice, no, there's precious little difference between the two, especially if you compare XC stuff with road bikes.

Many, many saddles are now marketed as suitable for both. Check out Charge Spoons, or Charge Knife.
I have one on my commuter, ( a flat-bar road-based hybrid) and have had one on my XC MTB.

Many top-end XC bikes are sold with the likes of Fizik racing seats.


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On my old MTB, I had a Bioflex Ozone which I found was a nice reasonably priced saddle. I was going to put it on my new bike but I found that the one supplied with it was quite good anyway.
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