Scotland: what's going to happen?


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As everyone might know, I am Jockish. I am a supporter of independence for Scotland. I am pro-euro. I am not a member of the SNP.

As I see it, Scotland is so far removed in a political sense from the rest of the UK. But I also see hope. The '''North" (which is not fecking north) seem to think we are ok. But then again, there seems to be a fair few Northern xenophobic chaps and chapesses.



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If you can gain independence and remain part of the EU, can I come and live with you?


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As a serious paid up Scot I don’t think we are going anywhere soon.

We’ve seen the mess that Brexit has created and I don’t think there’s an appetite, apart from the hard core nationalists, to go through another serious fck up for a long time.

Maybe my children and their generation may vote for independence but I suspect I may be an auld pensioner before there is a swing big enough for a successful yes vote.


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[QUOTE 5382042, member: 9609"]would hate to leave the Union, and not bothered about the EU (one way or the other) , but considering the waste of space of westminster (has there ever been worse politicians, corbyn or may) - if there was a vote the morrow I would be YES, (voted NO last time) feel so disenfranchised with westminster that it may as well be on another planet.[/QUOTE]

I voted no too mostly because i could see the chaos that a yes vote would cause and in think that Brexit is very similar.

Imagine if we were in the middle of negotiating independence just now - total clusterfck.


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Voted Yes in 14, would vote Yes again in a heartbeat and would be less apologetic when explaining my reasoning.

This so-called union of equals has been shown to be anything but since 2014. I'm not a hardcore nationalist. I don't much care for the concept of borders or nation states at all but as a humanist I'm strongly in favour of self-determination.

I didn't vote in the EU ref (was in Italy dealing with the aftermath of having my bike and everything I owned stolen) having erroneously presumed that the UK could be left alone for a few months without soiling the bed or wholesale embracing the manifesto of a xenophobic 7-time electoral failure on the basis of a tissue of lies.

Liars, cheats and crooks (badly) run the show with a wholly fabricated mandate. The sooner that the people come to their senses and exile this government of arrogant, incompetent, idiotic, out-of-touch opportunist snakes to Rockall the better.

If Scotland gained independence from England and Wales but remained in the EU, how independent would it actually be?
As independent as any nation in this globalised world can be. No nation lives in a vacuum even though Brexit Britain has somehow been deluded into thinking it will be able to live in the vacuum-sealed past. Hurrah for Empire! Ironclads for all! Not you Timmy, back into the workhouse with you!

Note to self: posting at 3am is probably not a good idea


Note to self: posting at 3am is probably not a good idea
Oh I don't know. :okay:


I thought that I was a remainer in both votes until Independence actually became an option and I soon swung to a Yes voter when the campaigning started.

I still believe in Sturgeon to answer the questions that went unanswered first time around and finally deliver SNPs biggest promise.

To be fair, she's doing a not to shabby a job within the restrictions of the U.K. anyway.

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With my EU passport, currently living in Brexit-limbo, I'm all for an independent Scotland part of the EU.
Sadly I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon.
First because of the upheaval mentioned up thread: people are scared of the unknown, second because I don't think our economy could support independence.
I see many young graduates unable to get the job they have studied for here in Scotland, lots move to England or settle for something less.


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Moved to Stornoway from the Midlands in 1998 and have no wish to return south of the border.

After a lot of swaying one side to the other I eventually voted yes for independence in 2014. Westminster are 'out of touch' with what Scotland needs as is Holyrood (generally) with the needs of remote and rural Scotland.

After 20 years living in Scotland and 37 in England, my choice would be to live in an independent Scotland that is part of the EU but, for reasons others above have quoted, I don't think that will happen soon
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Westminster are 'out of touch' with what Scotland needs
Maybe I'm just jealous of Yorkshire being a county not a country but Westminster hasn't a clue/out of touch/doesn't give a damn about anything but itself, we don't have the option to break away even though or populations are similar numbers
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