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Hello all!

My names Chris, I'm 40 and live in Kennington, London.

I used to cycle a bit up to about 5-6 years ago, more for fun than anything, (havent had a bike since then) but will be picking up my new steed on Friday (26th June). I've always loved to wander and go exploring and camp out.

I've decided to invest in a Thorn as I'm going to be commuting to work primarily and also planning on doing a lot of UK touring this year, culminating in a big ride to India (and beyond?) next year.

I found this site after searching about the Dunwich Dynamo ride (which interests me a lot) and this forum was one of the first links. I'm up for chatting with fellow cyclists to learn as much as I can and possibly even hang out / ride with folk.

Gerry Attrick

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Welcome Zanf. You are amongst friends. Please feel free to ask anything, there will always be someone to answer.


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arallsopp said:
Kennington, you say.... Hmmmm... That's on the route for the Sunday London Rides you know... Wanna come play?
Be careful going out to play with this man, zanf - he bikes to Scotland and back for fun.

Edit: hope I haven't put you off - he seems like a thoroughly nice chap :angry:
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