Seat Keeps Moving on Giant Hybrid


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Hi all

I have just got a Charge Spoon Saddle with Cromo Rails for my Giant Hybrid. Took me a while to get the right seat postion etc but went out for a ride last night and when i got back i noticed the seat had moved back a fair bit even that it was as tight as it would go before leaving for the ride. The seat post looks fine and that does not move at all but just the seat.

I dont think its the new seat as i had the same problem on my orignal giant seat before it was changed. Any ideas how to stop this or what could be causeing this.


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Perhaps the clamp has become flat after being over tightened in the past if its an issue you have had on a number of saddles, alternatively perhaps the saddles you are using have small diameter rails. A piece of old innertube cut to size between the rails and clamp takes up excess slack and increases friction which should resolve the issue
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