Sexist Swim England


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Even in 2010, who thought it appropriate to suggest that women need to look slimmer in the pool? I know it's not the most pressing article of all time, but the wider issue is that even 8 years ago, someone signed this page off as acceptable. Remember, this applies to all people even though it specifically mentioned women with "jiggly bellies". If someone offered me advice on how to look less hairy or less pot-bellied in the pool, I'd invite them to show me their Mr/Mrs Universe certificate or STFU


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There's nearly a line from a song in that article, it had me scratching my head for ages, until I realized it was one colour out.


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Going by your profile name I'm guessing it's an unheated pool ?
You can scoff all you like, but I'll just turn the other bare cheek ;)


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I swim most mornings, I wear something slightly larger than speedos, but not much larger, I have not got a clue what other people wear as it does not concern me.


In the spirit of the article, I have purchased my outfit for when I next go swimming. My servants shall, of course, wheel my bathing wagon to the edge of the pool so that the sight of my female body does not shock the other pool users. Even then, I am not coming out until I have located my waterproof shoulder pads designed to deceive the eye and flatter my problematic pear shape.

This is a national sport governing body. And they wonder why girls after the age of 15 drop out of non compulsory sport at twice the rate of boys.
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