Shanties and Sea Songs....


....currently on BBC4.

What a great programme. Much beardiness and wool jumperiness in evidence....

sticky sherbert

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I turned in on when somebody was saying what a wonderful old sea shanty "Shoals of Herring " was. I may be wrong but I'm sure it was written by Ewan McColl in the 60's. Still enjoyd the prog though. Is it just me or does that bloke look out of place wherever he goes?


He looks like David Cameron's love child....out of place and uncomfortable unless being spanked by a Latin master.


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This may be the same link but here's Shoals of Herring, which Ewan MacColl wrote:

Worth it for the pictures.

Notice the line "You can swear and show a manly bearing"? There may have been bad language but I bet there wasn't any of the vandalism, drunken violence (or not on the scale we see it now) and drugs that blight our towns and cities now. The problem now is that young men whose veins are pumping with testosterone have nothing to do, in the days when Britain had worthwhile industries there were macho jobs with the same cameraderie that you saw on the programme last night, something a young lad could do, earn respectable money and feel he belonged.. I bet his elders would have kept him in check too. What choices does he have nowadays? Some McJob like selling coffee or flogging insurance in a call centre, FFS.
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