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I've just watched a feature on Slipstream (on French TV) partly taking the piss out of their kit.

Imagine this...

Picture%5C2007%5CTeam%5CROA%5CPCT%5CJersey_PCT_TSL.jpg this reversed, predominantly orange, colour scheme


It looked like a kind of bizarre Dutch tartan! Speaking of tartan (what a slick link!), David Miller has very passable French even if there was a limited attempt made at French pronunciation!

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Millar lived and worked in France for quite a few years so no doubt got his knowledge of French from those times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I think this year's Slipstream kit actually looks quite good. A bit less of a fashion statement this year but still maintaining the general theme.
If we can't get it over here, I'll have a friend send it over from the States!

On the other hand, it looks as though Millar has done his best to avoid all argyle on the British Champion kit and put a small leg band on as an afterthought.

Monty Dog

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Millar's been living and riding in France since his teens, so of course he can speak decent French. I'm actually surprised they're not a German team with that level of sartorial inelegance.


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This years kit was designed by a fan obviously the brief was that it had to contain the famous argyle. Am looking forward to the TV show that is being filmed with the Slipstream Team.


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Miller's french is excellent...I was quite jealous when I saw him being interviewed.
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