Slovakia vs. Italy


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Now that was a game! The Italians finally decide that they don't want to go out in the second half and we get tit-for-tat goals - and superb goals at that. And what a finish... a great win for Slovakia and Italy are following France home.


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Bye Bye Italy

Rebel Ian

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I thought the Italian second goal was one of the best of the tournament. Mind you the Slovakian third was pretty good too. Great run through the defence to get onto the throw.
That's terrible -I get some nice photos outside Bar Italia when the vibe is good...:smile:

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Game of the tounament so far.

A shame the Italians are out, they are always my second team and they bring drama to whatever they play in (and a bit of good old fashioned rule bending too, but that's all part of the game).


Great game. Interesting World Cup.

The 2 finalists last time home already. England/Germany and probaly Spain/Brazil in the 2nd round.

We're going to be left without a lot of the favourites.

Argentina look the best bet for me.
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