Snap Happy

I know there's a photo gallery - this link comes as a result of another thread in the café and is worth a look.
For anyone who hasn't seen the albums, there are some lovely images within, giving a sense of time and space... thanks laurence. as i have no hard drive space to store them anywhere else - or even photoshop them, not that i would.
Nice photos. Have a look at if you want somewhere else to post them. I've learnt loads about photography over the last six months from advice people have given me there.
All my photos are in my signature link.
cheers both.

i'm still a bit old school about photography (same with bikes, i guess) and so i don't like all the playing with photoshop, etc. the most i will do is crop a picture, but rarely do that these days. i used to used a kodak gallery, but you can't share them, but they're good for ordering prints.

i've also realised that i'd much rather take pictures of animals and nature than people, which fits with my preferences for species as well.

RT - i see you had an old pentax, i've just got a new one, a dslr. i'm still working out what the buttons do.

Yes - RT's photos are also very appealing. Maybe you could both curate an online exhibition of images? Café walls are bare!
One of the nice things about this place is the number of quality pictures that have emerged from all contributors... not, primarily, just a bike picture.
Or we could have a friendly competition..?:smile::blush::biggrin:
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