So Boris is now going to tackle obesity.... Deep-Fat Fryer ready plan?


Carbon fibre... LMAO!!!
He can start with me. I've gone from a 32 to a 35" waist since my stroke and the kids say I look 6 months pregnant.
I tell 'em it's all my muscle rolled up into a ball ready to spring into action.
I don't think they believe me.


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I think he's had a bit of a wake up call that would scare the shite out of most people, but I'm not sure how any politician would even think about tackling the problem, but that's probably why I don't want to be a politician. Hope he and his advisers can come up with something that will actually work, but difficult to think what will, people like eating highly calorific food, and people don't like being hungry.

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Coffeeeeeeeee pleeeeease
So measures to tackle obesity are a bad thing? Surprised to see that on a cycling forum.
I'm all for talking obesity but what I find odd is Boris' announcement yesterday followed by Helen Whately's (Health and Social Care Minister) ill informed interviews this morning. Surely there needs to be a co-ordinated public health campaign not the current shambolic half-hearted approach?


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Food labelling and banning the ads are a good start. Though I would suggest that most ads are aimed at adults anyway? of all the times I've been in McDonald's or through the drive-through, I have very rarely seen loan kids. it's usually the parents taking them out for a "treat". It's one of the many things I think should be on the syllabus in schools. And I don't mean just an afternoon, but there should be topic work that fully covers healthy eating, budgeting, home economics etc. After all, if we cath the kids early enough then we might change their minds when they become adults making decisions about their own kids' diets
To be fair to Boris, which isn't a phrase I have call to use very often, he seems to be talking sense on this, going by what's been reported in the Guardian - again not a paper that generally has cause to praise the man - "anti vaxers are nuts", "Losing weight is, frankly, one of the ways you can reduce your own risks from Covid. And actually it's one of the ways you can generally improve your health and the NHS. So yest, I would encourage people" He goes on to say he'd lost a stone and bit himself. And he also says " I'm not normally a believer in nannying, or bossing type of politcs, but the reality is that obesity is one of the real comorbidity factors"

There's really nothingsensibly object to here as he's pretty much spot on
'kinell, am I really agreeing with Boris ?
Is that a new word Bojo has invented. :wacko:
If he has, someone has already written extensively on it on wikipedia. First couple of sentences to a long article quoted below

"In medicine, comorbidity is the presence of one or more additional conditions often co-occurring (that is, concomitant or concurrent with) with a primary condition. Comorbidity describes the effect of all other conditions an individual patient might have other than the primary condition of interest, and can be physiological or psychological."
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