So we going to have election.


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So it seems we are going to have a December Election according to the owner of my takeaway shop.Well i hope once and for all we can wipe out the Labour party and the Lib Dems.,and then get on with leaving the EU.It has been an utter shambles since the vote.Talk about lining their own pockets.The will of the people was leave,now hopefully we can get on with it.That's if the losers are ok with who wins.And let's hope everyone gets out to vote.Non of this millions could not be bothered.


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Something for the old fellas to celebrate.

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Coffeeeeeeeee pleeeeease
In fairness we need a Queen's speech, not had one now for a week or two.
I'd be really hacked off if I was the queen........made to dress up in all those robes, stand in front of all those sweaty MPs, spout Boris' fantasies and lies........and then it all gets forgotten. I'd rather be drinking gin and watching the racing from Kempton Park.
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