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Sod that

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by LLB, 25 Jan 2008.

  1. LLB

    LLB Guest

    Cool, pic, but :smile::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy:

  2. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    Heh heh heh, amazing what you can do in photoshop nowadays! :smile:
  3. LLB

    LLB Guest

    Agreed, but that wasn't photoshopped.....


  4. simonali

    simonali Über Member

    I really can't believe that anyone could be that brave/stupid/skilled* as to want to do that?!

    *delete as applicable
  5. Disgruntled Goat

    Disgruntled Goat New Member

    The buggers are everywhere...
  6. Mister Paul

    Mister Paul Honky

    North Somerset
    If you can photoshop once, you can photoshop 3 times.
  7. LLB

    LLB Guest

    Watch out for that photoshopped gravel also :biggrin:

  8. longers

    longers Veteran

    Is one of them Hans Rey as I've seen something similar with him and Steve Peat? In Ireland. A promo clip on a free DVD.
  9. LLB

    LLB Guest

  10. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    Hope he isn't on clipless - you know that clipless moment will be a looooonnnngggg one, then splat !
  11. LLB

    LLB Guest

    They are the fellas
  12. longers

    longers Veteran

    They are indeed the fellas :biggrin:. I got vertigo just watching it :tongue:.
  13. LLB

    LLB Guest

    Definitely not photoshopped then :biggrin:
  14. vbc

    vbc Guest

    At least they're wearing helmets!