[SOLD] - SOLD Peugeot SS/Fixed conversion

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cheadle hulme

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My 1982 Peugeot framed single speed bike is for sale as I no longer use it.

  • White powder coated "Carbolite" steel frame with Peugeot decals. Size 23.5 inches. Suit 5'10'' plus (I'm 6'3'').
  • Chromed steel fork.
  • A head set converter and FSA stem.
  • Tektro brake levers.
  • Shimano Ultegra brakes (no pads in them at present).
  • Original chainset, converted to the single 42 tooth ring.
  • Shimano SPD 520 pedals.
  • 16 tooth freewheel at present, can be run as fixed also.
  • DRC Italian track wheels (cost £140 new).
  • Conti gatorskin tyres.
  • Carrera saddle, with adapted (shimmed) seatpost for the french sized frame.
Bike is used but in good condition, few scratches to decals etc. Frame has clearance for mudguards, but no eyelet on fork.

Very comfy ride, ideal commuter. Buyer collects. £160 before it goes on ebay. May break if somebody wants wheels etc.

Cheers, CH

Pic when it was first converted.

995176865_66e7871140.jpg ">


995176917_7557d35d50.jpg ">


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Buyer collects.

Where are you?
Sorry, but I thought I'd bump this before I break it and sell the brakes/wheels/frame separately on eBay.

Any idea on the price for the brakes (if you did decide to break it).

Good deal overall though :smile:


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It'd be a shame to break it up as it looks like a very tidy bike. Post it to Stu eh?
Agreed. You can ship a bike with Parcel2Go for about £10. I used them to send my bike from Yorkshire to Cornwall when I found that there weren't any free bike spaces on my train.

(Get an old bike box from your LBS, take the wheels off the bike and cut the box down to fit P2G's size limits. It's easy to gaffa tape the box back together and reinforce it for transit.)
+1 Parcel2Go

I didn't suggest it before as I didn't think you could get a bike down to their sizes. Although I have sent a 32" LCD TV for £7 before :biggrin:

I use this knowledge to buy "collect only" stuff on ebay :tongue:


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+1 Parcel2Go

I didn't suggest it before as I didn't think you could get a bike down to their sizes. Although I have sent a 32" LCD TV for £7 before :biggrin:
My bike is a 58 cm frame and it was just possible to cut the box down to a size small enough.

I had to take the pedals and handlebars off as well as the wheels, and packed the box carefully to avoid damage in transit. I used pipe lagging on the frame tubes, plus a good helping of bubble-wrap round the wheels, bars and pedals. Also remember to put plastic spacers between the front and rear dropouts to protect them against crushing just-in-case. Oh, and I unbolted the rear derailleur, bubble-wrapped it and gaffa-taped it between the chainstays for protection.

The courier picked the bike up the day before I travelled and it was delivered to Penzance before I got there!
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