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Some of you might remember me in the last thread i posted a while back. That i was having trouble trying to get road tax...but needed insurance to get it. I thought it through and finally sold the car (didn't need it). I only had 14 days to sell it :biggrin: or SORN it.

So got some cash, not what i was expecting for the car but its better than nothing. I am so much happier of getting rid of the car as it was costing alot, you know the story mot, insurance etc. So i will have more money to spend accessories for my bike and myself...or even better buy a new bike next year :biggrin:. Getting to work is not a problem, only 6 miles away...and even if the weather turns for the worst i live across the road from the train station (convenient but expensive).


You'll wonder how you ever managed with it :biggrin:.

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In the next 2 weeks the Foodie family goes from 2 estate cars to one 7's a start!

For the same reasons, too much cost and hassle for too little use.

Well done to those completely car-less.


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I gave up my annual bus pass in January this year, which was my equivalent of selling off a car... Wasn't worth the £400+ a year for something that was being used once a week.

However, I've probably just gone and spent that money on bike bits'n'pieces over the course of 2007 :biggrin:


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Owning a car if you don't use it often is a real waste of money. We have a small car in the family that is used by my wife for getting to work and back and doing the shopping etc. If we need to do a motorway trip or go somewhere posh then we'll just hire something a bit more substantial.
Well done and good luck. I'm like Fab Foodie in that we have a seven seater now. (Diesel with particulate filter of course).

With the family and the in-laws living some distance away we really aren't in a position to be without a car. However, maybe one day when the kids have grown.......
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Chelsea tractors...
Not a Chelsea tractor, honest! (Citroen C4 Picasso Grand to be exact). Anyway, it will not be used for school runs (kids are too young at the moment anyway!)


I have a second car, but if I got in it now and turned on the ignition nothing would happen. I use it so rarely the battery just runs down. It's going to the scap heap in Feb 08. Which is a pity as it only has a genuine 60,000 miles and has done less than 2000 miles in most years over the last ten years
(49,800 miles on acquisition).
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