Spain v Paraguay..


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Lucky if anyone gets 1 at this stage!


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At last. Via two posts, but it counts.


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Great second half in the end, Spain again, doing enough, which is what they have done at every stage of this competition. The question is whether that will be enough against Germany, who seem to be rampant at the moment. And actually, I think it will.


Well we're down to 4 - Spain and Uruguay scraping through each round.

Holland scaping through until beating Brazil quite well

Germany trashing everyone. Three 4 goal wins incluing Ingerland and Argentina.

Spain were very poor against Portugal and not great today. Germany look the complete team

I reckon a Germany/Dutch final which would be great.

It's one of football's great grudge matches (much more than England/Germany) and would be a fitting final (as they have been the best 2 teams.

Still - who knows? After Uruguays's win over Ghana essentially came down to a cheating Uruguayuan putting a Ghanain under immense pressure and missing the penalty.

Hopefully he will be banned if Uruguay get to the final - in domestic football a red card is a 3 game ban I thought. Here it seems to be 1 game?

The best team throughout have been Germany and I hope they win.
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