SPD and muscles/lack of them..?


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Swapped to clip ins this weekend after all the positive comments. Not sure I'm comfortable enough in them yet to be sure how much benefit they are for me, but did notice legs aching more/in places they haven't done before. Presume the upstroke is bringing into play new muscles and they will develop strength. Any thoughts or similar experiences?


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You will use new muscles if your pulling on the up-stroke. You'll really notice the difference on the hills when you start pulling up them.

You'll soon never want to use flats again ;)


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There's lots of discussion about using the "up stroke"..... but

It could be just the pedal holding your foot and therefore your leg at an angle you are not used to. If it's a tired muscle ache, no worries, but if you get any joint pain, you may find some sort of insert to correct the angle is needed.

Personally I never want to use flats or old fashined toe clips again.


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redjedi said:
You'll soon never want to use flats again :sad:

I can vouch for this, I got given a pair of track pedals on my road bike while they sorted out the SPD's, I hated them, they feel unsafe, not to sure how I used them before I had clipless pedals ! :wacko:
Agree with the other comments here, they take a littel getting used to. I think I was guilty of some bad habits whilst using flats 'n toeclips with trainers and had to lose said habits before really becoming comfortable with the SPDs.
You'll find that experimenting with diferent muscle groups asn you pedal eg trying more of a kicking motion with your leg rather than a push down brings benefits in both speed and more even use/fatigue in your legs.
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