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SPD-SL Pedals

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by redfox, 19 Sep 2007.

  1. redfox

    redfox New Member

    Bourne End, UK
    Because I only paid attention to the price when buying on-line, I am now the owner of a pair of SPD-SL compatible shoes that I cant use. ;)

    Rather than return them I thought I'd go down the tried and tested route of chucking more money at the problem and get a pair of pedals.

    Any recommendations for less than £50?

    Also, am I going to find the lack of float an issue compared to my old SPDs, which where never set that tight in the first place?

  2. rob_mcp

    rob_mcp New Member

    I have a pair of 105 and a pair of ultegra pedals - the 105 are easier to clip in/out even on low tension settings. 105 are about 40 quid (or the R540? which are similar). Others have said the 105 fall apart - mine haven't (yet).
    THey will have some float but not as much as SPDs - but they are "cleaner" to clip in and out of - I find spds sometimes catch when you think you've unclipped - but for road riding the level of attachement that you feel s a lot better with the SLs