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Discussion in 'News and Current Affairs' started by Reiver, 1 Jan 2019.

  1. Reiver

    Reiver Guest

    Just a little snap shot at a few figures at the turn of the year


    From the Arctic, the only two years to have less ice at the end of December were 2016 & 2017

    From the Antarctic, there has never been less sea ice at this time of the year
    and look at the figures for this, average over the last 40 years at xmas was 8 million sq km, this year there is 6 - that is 25% LESS. this is not insignificant

    They say it all has something to do with CO2, so let us have a look at the Keeling curve

    here is a snapshot of CO2 levels at xmas over the past 40 years
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  2. Vantage

    Vantage The dogs chew toy

    The biggest disaster ever to hit this planet is the human race.
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  3. Inertia

    Inertia I feel like I could... TAKE ON THE WORLD!!

    I get your point but it Reminds me of something George Carlin said, we aren’t a disaster for the planet , just ourselves.
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  4. Rusty Nails

    Rusty Nails We remember

    Here and there
    Have a free like for the quote.

    The planet will die and everything in it at the same time. Unless there is some technological fuel miracle the only way we will delay it is by giving up the creature comforts we have got used to, and there are two chances for that: slim and fat, and slim just left town.
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  5. Fab Foodie

    Fab Foodie hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

    And what will we all be doing about it?
  6. Oldfentiger

    Oldfentiger Über Member

    Pendle, Lancs
    As long as the Fat Cats are making money in China and India everything is OK :evil::wacko:
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  7. meta lon

    meta lon Guru

    What we need is a reduction of about 90% of the human race..
    In fact just them few cannibals on the remote island would suffice.

    We're a feckin disgraceful species
  8. Yellow Saddle

    Yellow Saddle Veteran

    Loch side.
    I'm dedicating 2019 to try and understand the significance of methane and CO2 on the greenhouse effect and if such an effect is in fact what's happening.
    I dedicated 2018 to some other topic that turned out to be completely out of kilter with "common sense". I don't want to feel sheepish on another big topic.

    I see some nice graphs, but correlation is not causation.

    My mind is open.
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  9. Brandane

    Brandane Fair weather cyclist.

    I need to bookmark this and quote it to all the "save the planet" campaigners who really mean "Oh no, help us; we've f**ked up and we're all going to die".
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  10. FishFright

    FishFright More wheels than sense

    There's 40 years of climate science explaining the links, the prognosis and solution vs what people reckon . Pick a side
  11. Yellow Saddle

    Yellow Saddle Veteran

    Loch side.
    No, I'm not picking a side yet.
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  12. Rusty Nails

    Rusty Nails We remember

    Here and there
    That's not the way this forum works.
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  13. Adam4868

    Adam4868 Veteran

    Banning plastics would be a start,not sometime in the future.Unless we really want to feck the oceans up !
    I don't think it ended well for the dinosaurs..
  14. OP

    Reiver Guest

    they managed the best part of 200 million years - we have only managed 50,000 years since modernity, a few hundred since the industrial revolution, strangely the cleverer we become the less time we seem to have left. I wonder if humans will become the most unsuccessful species of all time?

    Frogs have managed about 260 million years.
  15. Beebo

    Beebo Firm and Fruity

    The dinosaurs didn’t bring about their own downfall.
    I’m listening to a podcast at the moment called The End of The World. It sets out various reasons why life exists and how we are likely to end.
    There is a concept called The Great Filter which all life has to go through. The asteroid was the filter for the dinosaurs. Climate change and limited resources is very likely to be our Great Filter.
    You only get one shot at getting it right, you either pass through or fail.
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