Steel framed touring bike


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I’m in the market for a steel framed touring bike under £1k. My current tourer is a mixture of Jamis Aurora frame and SPA components.
The Aurora does not seem to be available in the UK anymore.
I paid £700 for the Aurora from Evans and its a price area i’m comfortable with but will go to £1k if i use the cyclescheme at work.
Any suggestions ... ?


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New or used?
Was the Aurora £700 long ago?
Unfortunately you can barely buy a new drop bar bike for £700 new these days it seems

Spa cheapest steel drop bar tourer is around £1100

Winstanleys have this for £750 but only small sizes

£1100 for the 2021

you don’t say what size, but there’s a new Tour de Fer on eBay in large (would need to be 6ft+)

Or maybe look for a used one?
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If this rain and crap weather doesn’t stop you can have my Mason !! :angry: Only bike seeing light of day is the MTB :cry:


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With that budget talk to Woodrup or another frame builder

the snail

Ridgeback are good too. Do Jamis not do a budget tourer now? - they generally seem good value. Worth looking at used tourers too, quite often cheap clean bikes on ebay etc.
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